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Angela Tait was born in the UK and has lived 28 years in the Netherlands. She has a Degree in Psychology from the UK and studied Yoga for 5 years in North Wales, where she obtained a Dru Yoga Teaching Diploma.

Angela currently teaches yoga at Cloud at Danslab and other establishments in The Hague.

A keen sports enthusiast since early teens in Track & Field sport, has led to  training and experience in the following fields: Amateur Weight Lifting, Gymnastics and competive Tennis.

Angela successfully completed her studies at the Roger Green School of Feng Shui and is a Certified Feng Shui Practitioner. Her background in Psychology is combined with 4 years of study with the Faculty of Astrological Studies from the UK. Plus a 3 months Reiki course in Zoetermeer where she obtained a Reiki 1 Diploma. Additionally, Angela completed the Quantum Touch Practioner Course under the instruction of Erik Becker.

Angela is a successful Psychological Astrology Counsellor and Healing and Nutritional Coach. Angela is also an Accredited Trainer (POWERTalk International) and conducts courses in Public Speaking for Private Individuals, Companies and the Academic world.

Other sport pastimes include  playing Tennis and teaching Aerobics and Fitness as a hobby. Other hobbies include Ceramics, Aromatherapy and Modern Dance. Angela studied Jazz Ballet for a number of years with Dance expert Louise Pott.

In 2010 completed a 4 year study (Theory) in Ayurveda under the guidance of Dr. K. Mehta, Ayurvedic Health Center Netherlands under the umbrella of E.I.S.R.A. (European  Institute for Scientific Research on Ayurveda) and WAHO (World Ayurvedic Health Organization).

Angela is also a qualified Tibetan Klank Therapist. Tibetan Massage Therapy utilizes Klankschalen (Singing Bowls) to rebalance the body's energy - A Natural Bio-Resonance Therapy which helps with many ailments and  allergies.

Current Training

  1. Meditation Techniques.

  2. Dru Dance Yoga. Dru Dance is a natural flow of yogic sequences conducted in a meditative form. The dance/yogic sequences are performed together using musical influences from the classical, New Age and jazz genres.